Personal Transformation


Are you happy where you are ?

Are you the yo-yo or the finger in your own life?

Are you captain of your own ship?

If the answer is no, I offer this idea for your consideration:

Our version of reality is based on the millions of electrochemical signals that pour into our brain via the nervous system every second. These are sifted, sorted and interpreted through the brain’s inherent ‘software’ as sight, sound, taste, touch, pain, pleasure etc…Much of this information arrives at the target area as raw data and is assembled into a final cohesive whole via the process of extrapolation. In other words the brain itself ‘fills in the blanks’. How does it do this?

Your brain is partly a ‘decoder’. It decodes and assembles the information you call reality based on your beliefs, prior experiences and core assumptions. If you can change or modify these core assumptions and beliefs it changes what you perceive and how you react to it. Ergo it changes or maintains the direction of your life in either a self affirming or self-defeating way depending on where you put your focus. In other words ‘you get what you expect to get’. It can be a long journey unraveling beliefs and core assumptions. These themselves the result of  familial, environmental and cultural programing.

So this begs the question ‘who is the authentic you’? What was original core essence of your deepest self before this programing took hold? The quest to find the answer to this riddle is what Joe Campbell called ‘The Hero’s journey”. It is a deeply personal journey that transforms the traveler in unexpected ways.

Personal transformation is about reinventing yourself in your own unique image rather than maintaining one that has been imposed upon you. It is about waking up and pulling the bag off your head and seeing the world through the eyes of your ‘authentic self’.

© Janos Neder 2015

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