Tao of Now: Overcoming Stress

Laughing-Buddha-for-site-AOne of the main contributors to inciting and maintaining a state of chronic stress and stress induced anxiety is a perceived lack of choice.

The perpetual feeling of being trapped like a hamster in a cage, doomed to endlessly and fruitlessly run in the same treadmill. Running faster and faster but still going nowhere. This trap is an illusion. In reality we are both the jailer and the inmate in a  hamster cage that we build bit by bit from our own self imposed limitations, self doubts and fears.

The first insight on the path to self  transformation then is realizing that we, in point of fact, have total control over our own inner environment. That is, if we want to assume the responsibility for it. And if it turns out that you do, then the tools to revamp yourself exist, but, they all require one key ingredient…..And that is, effort.

Happiness and peace of Mind is a choice!

But wishing and daydreaming it so is not enough to change your life, any more than daydreaming about lunch will feed you or playing a great air guitar makes you a great musician.
In this series of articles on the Tao of Personal Power we will look at various ways to re-shape your inner landscape and by extension, your life.

Here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling:

Step 1: Realize that you, and only you, are responsible for your own life. Ditch the helplessness of the ‘victim mentality’…It is dis-empowering and ultimately fruitless.

Step 2: Understand that the point of power is in the NOW of each present moment. The past is a memory, the future is a probability based on a string of choices.

Step 3: Start the day with several positive statements all rooted in the now of the present moment.
(for example) I AM: (fill in the blank) .Whatever you put after this core statement will shape your reality.

Step 4:   Direction: Focus on what you want, not on what you want to avoid. Energy follows focus and intention.Have a clear goal in mind.  For instance: If you hate your job then first get a clear picture of what you want and how this direction will make your life better.

Step 5: Creating an ‘action plan’ to get there. For instance: personal debt reduction, re-education, developing new skill-sets and facing your fears head on.

Step 6: Clear out the naysayers. The voices in your own head and the people around you that will try to convince you it is better to stay where you are. Like pushing a car, a big change in direction takes a lot of effort to get it rolling…so it’s better to have help rather than hindrance at this stage.

Step 7: Stop watching regular television, especially the news. Television is based on making money via manipulation and that is why fear-mongering has become a big business. Fearful people are anxious. Anxious people are easy to manipulate because they feel overwhelmed, powerless and just want relief in some form or another. It will not be found in mindless entertainment, shrill news and endless incessant commercials. 

Step 8: Take time for yourself and learn how create the space inside yourself to find out who you really are. We are all programmed from an early age with others wants, needs, fears and opinions. As we get older it should be about excavating who we really are out from under all this debris.

Step 9: Create your own path…..Find out what works for you to get the results you are after. Be the keeper of your own Kingdom….

© Janos Neder 2015


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