Re-Inventing Yourself – The first steps.


Re-inventing oneself starts as a desire to be something different, but in order to bring that desire out of a dreamy fantasy into solid reality requires many things such as a clear vision and an action plan. But where to start? Well….seems to me, facing and dealing with your core fears is the most fundamental place to start this process.

Consider this:

Chronic fear and his little brother ‘worry’ are just shadow puppets dancing on the wall of your subconscious. And it can be  a very persuasive illusion.  Turn up the lights in your Mind and the shadows disappear, turn it back down with negative thinking and they return. Keeping the lights on takes focus and diligence at first, but over time it will become a habit.

There are lots of ways to help with this process. Try this for starters; practice the art of detachment by unplugging yourself from all the mainstream media hype, news and associated malarkey. Put away the ‘smart’ phone, pull the earphones out of your head and learn to tune into your surroundings instead. Forget being ‘busy’ and create those spaces in your life where you can just hang out with yourself. Learn to like yourself and indulge in the pleasure of your own company. Getting to know and enjoy who YOU really are helps to alleviate a lot of useless fears,worries and anxieties by going beyond the need for constant external validation.

Once you allow the veil of fear and worry to lift from your perceptions everything appears differently, and the once hostile world seems full of positive opportunities for meaningful change.

Try this thought on for size:

Whatever is in your future, let yourself embrace it and go forward, for catastrophe and opportunity often come as two sides of the same coin. It is just part of the ride called ‘Life’.

© Janos Neder 2015

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