The Authentic Self

Your “Authentic Self” is your core essence as an individual. It is the real you.


The key to liberating the Authentic Self is to evolve from ‘fear based thinking’.

Finding your Authentic Self is an odyssey of self discovery. It is the quest to find what lies underneath all the restrictions and self delusions that we collect in a lifetime. Your Authentic Self lies buried under a host of self imposed fears and limitations. These often begin as ‘family legacies’ passed on from one generation to the next through thoughts, deeds and words. They take root deep in our inner-mind when we are children only to show up as later in life as fear based limitations such as worry, guilt, prejudice,excuses,and phobias 

The journey to reclaiming your Authentic Self can start as simply a desire to be free of the debris of the past. Or it can start abruptly as a catastrophic live event. In either case, facing and dealing with your core fears seems to be the most fundamental place to start the long journey back home to the real you.

We must first understand (on an emotional level) that these deeply embedded fears (and its variations) are just illusions, shadow puppets dancing on the wall of our subconscious. But they are very pernicious and persistent illusions. They seem almost to have a life and agenda of their own. Turn up the lights in your Mind and the shadows disappear, turn it back down with negative thinking and they return. Keeping the lights on takes focus and diligence at first, but over time it will become more of a habit. There are lots of ways to help with this process: Meditation, regular bodywork, hypnosis, artistic creativity ,turning off all your electronic gizmos and learning to just hang out with yourself free of distractions just to name a few.

Once you can begin to consistently draw back the veil of fear and worry from your Mind everything begins to appear differently…..The once hostile outside world starts to change shape into a place full of positive opportunities for meaningful change. But consistency is the watchword here, as it is easy to slide back bit by bit into negative thinking and the shadow lands….

    © Janos Neder 2015

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