The Path of Self Mastery


To walk the path of Self Mastery is to embark on a lifelong odyssey to discover and reclaim yourself and your original birthright to be a free, fluid and unbound Spirit.
When we travel the path of Self Mastery we measure success by how much we have released fear and self imposed limitations and by how much compassion and comfort we can extend to others.

Life is full of ironies, for instance; we are all multifaceted Spiritual beings,who for the most part, do not fully understand how to navigate the labyrinth of our own inner landscapes. The Art of Self Mastery is ultimately (like all creative arts) a journey of self discovery. It is a journey full of wonder, joy and its also fraught with harrowing experiences for it requires us to the plumb depths of our fears as well as scale the heights of our consciousness and find the unity between these two seemingly contradictory extremes.

To be an adept in the Art of Self Mastery you will have to become a ‘Warrior’ in the truest sense of the word, developing an attitude of fear-less-ness, mental resilience, and fortitude to surmount the obstacles in your journey and stay the course.
For each exhilarating new discovery you make and each new skill you develop, you will have to travel the long plateaus of continuing practice and consolidation before the next ‘jump’ in awareness and ability. Along the way solving the riddles of each new layer and overcoming the pitfalls one by one which will be thrown at you by Frustration, Ego and Fear.

© Janos Neder 2016

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