What is: Taiji

yin_yang_symboln_4 copy_2 copyb
Tai-Ji ( supreme-ultimate):

The Chinese principle of the harmonious interplay between paired opposites. Each balances and holds the opposite polarity in balance. This is symbolized by the familiar Yin-Yan icon. There is the expansion phase (Yang) and a contraction (Yin) phase, each is necessary to perceive the other.

For Example: After a long phase of expanding our efforts into the outer world, an extended  period in the contraction phase is needed. We do this by going inward, to rest and replenish, but also to clear the inner Mind, consort with the Muses and Guides and consolidate the lessons learned before the next expansion phase.

Many stress related conditions can be traced to the modern obsession with being constantly and unrelentingly “busy”. This is living a life out of balance and the path to eventual burnout. To prevent this unhappy end, relaxation and rest must be in proportion to effort in order to keep us mentally and physically balanced.Speed may look good in the beginning but low and steady wins the race in the long run.

Or as my Judo teacher Sensei Hatashita put it “(be) a steady rain that soaks”.

   © Janos Neder 2015

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