The Art of Focused Intention


In a world that is becoming increasingly more unfocused and distracted by sensory overload it is ever more essential that those on the path of Self Mastery become adepts in the Art of Focused Intention. Focused Intention is attention and intention that has been given an emotional charge and direction. It is the laser beam of the Mind.

Having an attitude of focused intention is becoming hyper aware of everything you do, think, and feel. It is replacing physical, mental, and spiritual laziness with a dedication to excellence. It is meaning what you say, and saying what you mean and accepting the consequences of your words and actions. 

The journey of Self Mastery can (and does) take many forms but mindset and attitude are the key elements irregardless of whatever path you take. To become powerful in your own life-journey you must develop and maintain an attitude of Focused Intention in everything you do.

To imbue one’s mind, body, and spirit with focused intention requires daily practice. Over time this act of practice will dissolve as focused intention has become so much apart of your makeup that it is just the way you conduct your life. 

© Janos Neder 2018

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