Tao of Now- Wu Wei

Wu Wei:The Watercourse Way

The Chinese principle of maximum effectiveness from minimal effort.

DSCF211m9_2Skills of non resistance can apply to both physical and non physical situations.

Dealing with People is always challenging. Awareness is your most powerful tool when dealing with difficult People who seem to be able to push your buttons.
Try to create a mindset inside yourself where you do not feel the need to argue, to debate or to be ‘right’. This can also be said for those that have a need to be ‘the savior’, ‘the fixer’ or ‘the emotional punching bag’. What are the deep fears that drives these needs…A sense of balance and personal worth is achieved becoming aware of  your own fears and insecurities and finding effective ways of resolution and release of your triggers. This is not easy but it is a skill that can be learned and with practice, creates a strong sense of your own Personal Power.

For instance: In a personal confrontation strive to extend your awareness to read what the other person wants and WHY they need to have it so*. If the person you are dealing is verbally aggressive, argumentative or insulting then they are probably coming from a position of fear or unbalance of some kind. If  you cannot come to a workable resolution of your points of conflict then try to find a way of detaching yourself emotionally from the situation or person(s) until you can leave physically. This does not mean running away in Fear, but walking away with a sense of Self Respect and fear-less-ness from a no win situation.
The way of non aggression is not passive: It is learning to read a situation and then flow around or under it like water going around rocks in a river. This is a Taoist approach called ‘Wu Wei” the watercourse way.

© Janos Neder 2015