Holographic Touch.


The Art of Holographic touch is a subtle palpatory skill based on the language of structure and bio-energy, and interpreting that language though the medium of touch.

As practitioners we learn to listen to the nuances of bio-energy in its many manifestations. Focused intention, the etheric field, the chakras and even the gross anatomy of the body are all but different vibrational frequencies of this fundamental energy.

How it works:

All sensory stimuli has to go to the brain to be interpreted in any meaningful way. This sensory input goes along specific nerve channels to various areas of the brain where it becomes hearing, vision, taste, touch etc. These responses are to a large extent part of the software package the brain comes equipped with.
But the brain is a marvelously adaptive organ, and this software is open to modification if you know how to go about it. Research into the effects on the brain from psychedelics has shown that the senses can ‘template’ from one area to another under the right conditions. This phenomenon is known as ‘Synesthesia’. For Example: Seeing sounds, tasting colours, etc.

This phenomenon can also be induced by various natural approaches such as the one you are about to learn:
Holographic touch is developing a melding of touch sensation with the visual processing areas of the brain. This ability to ‘template’ one sensory area over another  is one of the great untapped abilities of the brain.

Holographic Touch as part of a Healing modality.
The key elements revolve around being able to ‘listen’ to the client’s body and its story, expressed in the language of its anatomy and bio energetic patterns. Then using this knowledge to  select an appropriate technique to create a positive therapeutic effect.
As a professional therapist I utilize  Holographic Touch to greatly enhance my other therapeutic skills.

Holographic Touch
Is a skill that can be developed to a very fine degree. It takes these four key elements to get really good at it.

1)Suspension of Judgement
In the initial stages don’t try to analyze things just go with it. We are going deeper into the domain of Right Brain experiential feeling and out of the domain of Left Brain logical reasoning, so just go with it.

2)Let the images and feelings come to you
If you don’t try to force it or chase after them, they will come to you. The trick here is to get into the proper zone by totally relaxing your Mind and learning to just
‘ listen’ by focusing your attention.

3)Don’t try to second guess your first impressions
In all fine touch/energy based modalities, students have to develop a very finely tuned awareness of sensation just because what you are feeling for is so nebulous….at first. The Teacher points out what to look for and then helps the student validate what they perceive, just because it is no elusive to the untrained touch.

4) And of course, lots of practice!
Once you know what to feel for, from that point on it all comes down to consistent practice. This starts to rewire your touch perception so what was once a vague feeling becomes a strong accurate signal.

  © J. Neder 2015