Vibration and Rhythm

Everything is based on vibration and rhythm.

n1320885096_30063522_8582In our physical world the illusion of solidity is created by unimaginably vast intersecting fields of vibrating energy, stepped down in frequency to a dense slow vibration.

Even our consciousness itself is a field of ‘self aware’ vibration existing at various levels at multiple frequencies. An integral part of the Ocean of Universal Consciousness and yet somehow apart from it as well. This Consciousness field of vibrating interlocking energy patterns ‘steps down’ in frequency levels until it is able to integrate into the ‘solid’ matter that comprises the Human Body. It does this through the rhythmic gateway of the Etheric Field.

The Etheric Field is the vibrational frequency that is one step above the energy matrix of the physical self. It surrounds the body like a nimbus. The Etheric field allows consciousness to interface with the denser energies that comprise the physical body. It does this through the medium of the cerebral-spinal fluid and central nervous system . The physical body itself can be likened to a complex ‘spacesuit‘ that is itself comprised of interacting energy fields of energy of varying vibrations and densities. It is through this vibrational symbiosis with the flesh that our pure consciousness (Mind) can experience the seemingly ‘solid’ reality of everyday life.

Our familiar five senses are all based on rhythm and vibration. In fact the various sense organs of the body can be looked at as a series of rhythm transformers. Various forms of vibrational/rhythmic impulses such as; light, sound, chemicals, heat, cold and pressure stimulate the nervous system in specific ways which in turn sends these impulses to appropriate centers in the brain.Here the various brain centers translate these impulses into the familiar senses of touch, eyesight, hearing, taste and smell.

We can use rhythm in a variety of ways to excite or relax our nervous system, to balance ourselves and access deeper layers of our consciousness.
All our bodily processes as well as our sense of consciousness and connection to the Universe is based on the harmonization of these interrelating patterns of organized rhythm and frequencies of vibration.

Pure energy vibrates to form atoms, these dance together to form molecules, molecules conga line together to form matter. The entire Universe is accessible through the spaces and intervals of vibrating energy and rhythm. Without vibration and rhythm there is only the stillness of non-being, the neutral zone of undifferentiated potential sometimes called ‘The Void’.