The Spiritual Journey

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For your consideration, here are some thoughts on the Spiritual Journey.

Birth, death and redemption, universal themes as old as time itself. During my life these have been my prime topics of contemplation. Things happen at certain key junctures in life that knock out the pegs from under you, suddenly your spiritual practice stops being abstract and circumstance nails it home at the core of your psyche what it all really means. Your fears surface and hammer you to the floor. Maybe you finally realize letting go is the answer, but is it easy? Well, it is the easiest and the hardest thing all in one mixed bag.
All the phantasms and scenarios that the shadow self can conjure to control you come crawling out of your dark corners to put a stop to letting go of control and fear. Then you get to see if you actually believe (and put into practice) all the nice sayings you espouse.

The Spiritual traveler’s soul is a sword forged in the fires of their own fears and hammered into shape by circumstance. Spiritual crisis is something that I think every traveler on this path has to go though. And it either breaks you or makes you. I believe it is how your Higher Self ascertains whether you are ready to be taken to another level of  perception and awareness..

But no matter what happens in your life, it is just another lesson. For as Spiritual Pilgrims, we are still very much a work in progress, a mixed bag of contradictions and emotions traveling towards our own liberation.

© Janos Neder 2016