What is “The Tao” ?


 What is the “Tao” ?

The “Tao”  signifies the ineffable primordial essence or fundamental nature of the universe. The Tao is ultimately unknowable, but it can be experienced as it enfolds (Yin) and unfolds (Yang) through nature and the cosmos. The Tao is the manifestation of the dualistic nature of creation in its many guises.

For Example: Birth and death, losing our way and finding it again, breathing in and breathing out, tension and release, transgression and forgiveness, despair and elation. In the harmonious blending of  these dual polarities there is no contention, there is only the Tao.


The Tao is represented by the familiar Yin / Yang symbol or by the Chinese ideogram for road or path. The “Tao” can also translate as “The Way”.

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