On Art and Artists

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How many creative writers, musicians or other artists belong to ” introverted eccentrics club ” To be an artist ( I think) is to drink in the outside world and mix it with your interior experience. Then process and colourize it through your sensibilities and imagination before releasing it back into the world through the medium of your art…
Writing and cartooning are my mediums: As such, one piece of advice I took from George Carlin was ‘write everything down’.

I think this adice applys to all mediums. Act when an idea hits you..I bet you will be surprised how much can accumulate in a year. The Muse has her own agenda and cannot be conjured at will..I have been writing stuff down for years and these collected writings and musings formed the basis of my first book..

I can tell you from experience that original thinkers are rare and if you are artistically creative on top of that then you have two gifts that you have a duty use to the fullest.. To me being “artist” is about finding your muse and running with it! Be an Original….


© Janos Neder 2018