Time and Tide


Time is the most precious commodity we have in this world. As you get older this fact becomes more evident. When I crossed the border into my sixth decade I discovered that some things just didn’t seem to ‘matter’ to me anymore. For instance I have very little interest in getting emotionally enmeshed in the self obsessed circus that passes for human behaviour in today’s world.

The world as we have made it is a bizarre sideshow, a mix of the sacred and the profane. It always has been so from day one to the present.  We are a funny little species, so limitless in potential and at the same time so limited by our inability to see the obvious stupidity of own destructive behaviours. Power, position and the acquisition of money and stuff are all just willow the wisps of an egocentric human need to feel indispensable, that somehow we can avoid our inevitable death because we are special.

Life and death are two sides of the same door. Everything passes, everything dies, nothing is permanent….so just relax into the journey. The high and mighty and the low and powerless all exit by the same door in the end. Release the need to be ‘something’ and just be yourself. Enjoy all the days of your life by being fully present in the experience of each moment. Learn to radiate love and gratitude into yourself and from there let it spill over and ripple outwards into the world.

All you take with you through the final portal is the lessons written in your heart and spirit. The only thing of any consequence that you leave behind is the echo of your behavior in the lives of those you touched. Did you help or hinder…, did you act out of love or react out of fear?  Glory fades, empires crumble….all that really matters in the end is the love, compassion and service  we extended to others.

To my mind this is how can we make the world a better place…. In the final analysis the only thing we truly have the power to change is ourselves. This act of self revolution is cumulative. Therefore in order to affect lasting change the world we must change ourselves first.

©Janos Neder