The Gift of Imagination


Here are some points to consider about Imagination:


*Imagination is the wellspring of our creativity and our birthright as conscious beings.

*Imagination is what makes us unique as a species and as individuals.  It is our greatest gift and asset

*Everything that we have created as humans was once just a figment of someone’s imagination.

* Imagination is a gateway to the marvellous wonders of your inner world.

*Imagination needs to be exercised regularly or it will atrophy and wither.

  • (In my veiw) The human ability to imagine and create  completely invalidates the materialistic notion that humans are nothing more than talking meat, the result of blind evolution in a meaningless Universe.

*Imagination is the access door to the “larger self” the one that exists beyond the limitations of the body and rational mind. Within our Imagination we can go anywhere, do anything and become anyone.

*Imagination reminds us the we are limitless beings that exist beyond space and time.

*Art, music, reading, writing and playtime are some powerful and effective ways to build and maintain the skills of imagination.

© Janos Neder 2017