Personal Empowerment

What is Personal Empowerment about?



It is about waking up and unplugging yourself from the ” concensus reality ” of the mainstream world. This in turn opens the door to a return to individuality, imagination, and self determination. Personal Empowerment is not about self involvement and abdication of responsibility and accountability.  Rather; it means accepting responsibility  and the consequences of your deeds, words, and actions.

Empowerment: is a self directed process that starts from within. It starts when you act on the need to move beyond your assumed limitations and restrictions and return to what you were always intended to be: A fluid, unbound, and individualized expression of the divine, creative energy of a living Universe.

Personal: Because each of us is unique; in how we operate, in how we experience ourselves, and in how we see the world at large. Following this premise, it follows that we should be the sole arbiter of our life experience and sole keeper of our inner kingdom.



© Janos Neder 2018