The Enigma of Consciousness.

 One of the greatest mysteries of Human existence is the nature of consciousness.  Science and religion each have their own definitions and mythologies on the nature and source of conscious awareness. Lately a third option is becoming more accepted in some quarters. This is due mostly to questions raised by Quantum physics. The musings of Quantum Physics offers us a peek behind the curtain at the mysterious paradox of consciousness. Perhaps we will never know what the true nature of consciousness really is and where it emanates from but is it not ironical that something which we all possess (conscious awareness) remains an elusive mystery.

It is slowly becoming evident even to science that Human consciousness is not a byproduct of brain activity. The brain acts as both a transducer and receiver and is responsible for our cognitive awareness, but it is not the genesis for the larger phenomenon of consciousness. The brain is more akin to a computer or television, in that it can interpret and play a broadcast signal, but yet does not create it. If this is so then, what is consciousness?

 I offer the following possibility for your consideration:

Your consciousness is an autonomous micro expression of the omnipresent intelligence field that some call “God”. In essence, your consciousness is a holographic bubble, a *quanta of individualised, self-aware Universal energy that has the autonomy to create its own experiences. At the same time this quanta it is still connected energetically and harmonically to the source from whence it emanated. This Quantum Bubble of awareness has the ability to further subdivide itself so it can project a portion of its awareness into a physical container while the larger, non local part of it remains outside the confines of physicality silently observing itself.

Let us call this Quantum Bubble the “Observer Self”, the embedded part of it “The Body Self” and the energetic interface zone between these two “ The Higher Self”. What you experience as “The Body Self” is a localised sliver of your awareness which has encased itself for a brief time in an organic hologram called your body. It has interfaced with the physical body via the mechanisms of the brain and central nervous system. This allows your consciousness to experience the virtual hologram we call ‘reality’ in a very intense way. At physical death this localised energy withdraws from the body and re-integrates with its larger holographic projection “ The Observer Self”. This in turn may be apart of other multiple expressions and projections of self . Holograms within holograms within holograms like Russian Dolls ad infinitum for all eternity..

Taking this further: Is it possible that everything in the Universe is just infinite expressions of a single consciousness. An unknowable infinite intelligence experiencing itself subjectively through multiple levels of awareness and infinite points of view both inside and outside of space and time . Rather like an eye looking at itself through the mirror of its own experiences.

* Quanta: (In Physics) A discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.

© Janos Neder 2018