Knowledge vs Intuition

Knowledge (Outer Self) vs Intuition (Inner Self)
It is not a competition. It is a game balanced by training.

These two aspects of ourselves work best when they work together in harmony. Neither one is ‘better’ than the other but rather, each has a speciality and a language all its own. They communicate through an information highway; a dense network of nerves in the centre of the brain, the ‘corpus callosum’. Let your intuition and knowledge work together by developing a common language between the two. The language is called “trust”.

Intuition connects to knowledge through a trust in your own insights. This trust is developed over time by a mindful practice of not letting your fears and self doubts override your gut instincts. Let go, trust your intuition to inform your knowledge what is relevant to the solution you are seeking. Developing this ability to balance your mind by training your knowledge and intuition to play well together increases your overall effectiveness considerably…I believe all great inventors, artists, and creators develop the ability to interface seamlessly between these two aspects of Self: The dreamer  and the implementor. If the Inner Self can dream it, the Outer Self can birth it.

© Janos Neder 2018