Proximity Sense Exercise

This skillset is a novel way of finding someone that is out of your visual contact but still within an area 30 meters or so from you. It is accomplished by reading the ‘bounce back signal’ of a person’s unique Etheric energy signature. This is a very subtle exercise and takes a lot of practice to get it right.

 How it works:

Success in this exercise relies on a precision of sensory imagery and the ability to hold a narrow band of focus. You have to be able to conjure an accurate mental imprint of what the Etheric energy of the person you are looking for feels like. The Etheric Field is like a fingerprint and is unique to each person. Your ability to hold a clear imprint of the target person’s “Etheric energy signature” makes or breaks this technique.   

How to:

Clear your mind. Conjure up an image of the person you wish to find. Let it fade, leaving behind the impression of what their energy feels like. This is their ‘energy signature’. Hold onto this feeling, as you do a slow sweep of the area with your *3rd eye awareness, like a radar beacon searching for an object. 

Pay attention: When you get a ‘bounce back’ signal that feels identical to the energy signature you have in your mind, start walking in the general direction of the bounce back and see if the signal gets stronger or weaker. If unsure, clear your mind and reset the original energy impression in your mind and try again. The more crowded the area and the more chaotic the energy around you the more difficult it will be to home in on an accurate signal of the person you wish to perceive. Clarity and consolidation of focus is the key here.

Tip: Practice with a partner. Have them go about twenty feet from you while you close your eyes. Do the internal protocol as in the above description. Sweep the area with your eyes closed until you get a consistent ‘hit’. Open your eyes and see if you had located them. Try practicing this exercise at increasing distances.

 Don’t doubt yourself even if you have difficulty at first….Keep practicing. Reading energy is just like exercising a muscle it gets stronger the more you practice . 

3rd eye awareness:

A term I use to denote a deep perception of the Etheric Field emissions emitted by a living organism.  

©Janos Neder 2018