The Etheric Field

The Etheric Field 

The etheric field is a localised information field of dense bio-energy that surrounds the body. For the most part it lies outside of the everyday awareness of most people. We access the etheric field in dreams, meditation, Shamanic work and various other methods of healing and altered consciousness. The Etheric also contains the ‘aura” which is a field of bio-luminescence comprised bio-photons (biologically created light) that is produced by the chakras, cellular activity and the electrical activity of the nervous system. 

The etheric field is without a masking mechanism and contains the true essence of who we are emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. It is what people and animals pick up on subliminally.

Many types of dysfunctions are perceptible in the Etheric Field before they manifest in the denser energies of the physical body. Distortions in the Etheric field end up as distortions in the physical body. 

The overall nature of our Etheric field is determined by several factors:

* The speed at which it oscillates

*The intensity of the energy

*The consolidated (coherent) nature of the field.

The Etheric Field is an Energy Signature similar to a fingerprint in that each is unique to the person that emits it. Being able to perceive and work with the Etheric is a skill that is very handy to have  and is used in such modalities as Therapeutic Touch and Qigong for a healing affect. It is a skill that must be treated with both caution and respect for the manipulation of a person’s Etheric Field can be done for both positive and negative effect. 

One way bad intentions and other nasty attachments can find their way into the body is through rips or energy portals in the Etheric Field especially in through the back where the density of the Etheric Field is thinner.

Some examples of energy portals open to invasion are:

The heart and solar plexus chakras in face to face situations. 

The inner ear in auditory situations. 

The base of the skull.

The mid back at the heart chakra level. 

The opening (Sacral Hiatus) located at the lower end of the sacrum

Therefore: Learning the skills of protection and deflection go hand in hand with learning the skills of subtle perception.  

© Janos Neder 2018