Yin Concentration

 According to Taoist principles there are two kinds of concentration:

1) Yang-Concentration (by willpower)

2) Yin -Concentration (by absorption)

Yin-Concentration by absorption: (aka ” Merge Consciousness”). When we practice this type of concentration we lose our “sense of self”, that is; the sense that we are separate from what we are observing or experiencing. In Yin concentration the experience of “Self” expands to encompass more than just our interior awareness. You become one undivided field of being with whatever you are doing or observing.

In Martial arts using this type of concentration means practicing a movement or technique until we are at the point of effortlessness or empty mind in its execution. Practice and being are now melded into one experience . You are what you do and you do what you are.

For Example:  Have I drawn the sword or has the sword some how drawn itself and appeared in my hand? When you cannot tell for sure on a conscious level and it just ‘happens’ you are in that zone.

In everyday life becoming an adept in Yin concentration allows your awareness to penetrate through the various illusions of form, shape and apparent solidity of everyday reality into the core essence of a thing, living being, or experience……The projection and absorption of conscious awareness is an inherent Human ability that we all possess. You are capable of far more than you have been lead to lead to believe. Realisation that it exists and then mindful practice are the keys to developing this ability.

©Janos Neder 2018