Message for Humanity I (reading)

A Message For Humanity.

Take heed…. your time is here, now. The string can be pulled no further on your behalf. As a collective, as a species, you must choose now and choose wisely. All is in jeopardy, all is in haste, all is in flux. The mad rulers of your planet are not going to fix things; each of you must fix things or be prepared to face the reality of what is coming….. chaos.

There have been in the past, and there are here now, beings to help you, but you must first act decisively on your own behalf to repair and renew yourselves and your Planet. You have been given the tools to do so; a heightened awareness. It is awake in some, but many are still asleep…even those who believe themselves to be fully awake are still dreaming. Wake up!
The cure to your malaise is action, enlightened action. Nothing will change until you each act now to change yourselves first. Do this by re-sparking your imagination and the original intent for which your species was created; love.

All love has to spring from self love. To love yourself, is to see the divinity within you ,and by extension the divinity in all other humans and the world around you. For when you truly understand the magnificence of your gifts as humans, as co-creators of all you see, hear, and feel around you, you will understand the need to act, to reverse what is being done to kill this planet.

Look inside yourselves and find the wellspring of your source code; the code of universal love embedded in each one of you. Be your own saviours first, for there is none other coming to save you but you. The guiding hand you seek is your own, for it is only by changing yourself first will the shift you seek start. It starts within each one of you first, and then as the one becomes the many and the many become the majority, only then will the situation you have brought upon yourselves change.

The time is here to decide your path, decide wisely.

© Janos Neder 2021