Message for Humanity II (reading)

Development of the Human Spirit is paramount now, more than at any other time in your recorded and known history. Humanity has been at the brink before and it is so again. The stories of Atlantis is the record of the destruction of a great race by its own hand. This may happen again, soon, for wisdom does not go hand in hand with the development of technological insights or what you call ‘civilization’.

Civilization and religion (as humans have developed it), is at its heart a dis-connection from nature and the wisdom of the spirit world. Wisdom must be sought and heeded, it is a skill to be learned and an ability to be nurtured.How much barbarism and lack of wisdom is evident in your ‘civilized’ world, how much of human misery is rooted in a disconnection from the natural world?  This is not the way of wisdom and compassion….This is not the way of intelligence in its truest sense.

Intelligence and wisdom are as one. At present, the Earth would not qualify as a home to a truly intelligent species other than the dolphins and whales. These creatures possess a wisdom and intelligence of a far greater order and complexity than the human race does at present. Much could be learned from them.
The original foundation of your human species was to create and play. Dolphins do this naturally it is how they adhere to their original intent and species code. Humanity has lost the keys to its own inner kingdom, and in turn has created a world built on domination, subterfuge, fear and lack. You cannot dominate your mother, (Earth) or undo the will of Universal Law.

The gifts of nature and the resources of your planet are not yours to take, they are yours to receive, if done so with grace and gratitude…The Earth is a living organism and she will not let you abuse her for much longer. She is forgiving and patient, but also can be wrathful to those that would destroy her gifts and take her bounty without thanks or a supplication to the great forces of nature and life.
Humanity must change or perish in the main; for those who seek to kill others, will risk being killed in turn, as the forces they unleash turn upon them..

There are Great Beings, both terrestrial and not, that watch over humanity to see how you will unfold over the next while. Help will be offered to those that have helped themselves by understanding how to live in a state of balance and gratitude. The Beings who watch over you will not let the whole harvest of humanity be lost for they are your original parents, as well as your mentors ….if you wish them to be so. Those of you that have done the work and seek the truth will be gifted the insight, when the time comes, of how to unfold your true purpose and direction.

There are two arcs unfolding for the Human stream as it stands now. One stream will follow the way of self knowledge and love, and the other stream will surrender to the dark forces of fear and lose themselves.
Be well, be fearless and live in gratitude, always.

©Janos Neder 2021