The future of Humanity (reading)

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Question: As it stands now what is the future of Humanity in this particular reality stream?


You are currently living out the probability stream you are embedded in. The “future” is open ended, the choices made in each present moment determine the stream taken or the thread selected from a field of infinite choices. All time exists at once, it is only a trick of your three dimensional self that makes the past,present and future reality streams seem separate to you.

This is so because you cannot fully experience all time at once as a fourth dimensional continuum while still in a three dimensional body. Even if you are able “see the future” you are only tuning into one probable outcome based on the current choices being made in that event stream.
These outcomes can be, and are, modified, by initiating various choice points. As you do this, you narrow the probability streams until only one outcome is going to happen within the scope of your reality. This is why when you ask me about future events the answers are sometimes vague. From my vantage point many outcomes are possible or even probable.

There are many forks in the road that can be taken, each resulting in a different trajectory.The choice of probable outcomes that humanity must currently navigate are fewer in number because of the speed of the forward trajectory humanity has chosen for itself. Much of humanity revels in pain and fear, for the most part this represents the majority of thinking of your species at this time.

To evolve from the current swirl into chaos and the global control state that must follow it, you and those like you must hold a tight field of focus for the peaceful future you want to see. The current fear factor being induced in humanity is the undoing of the future you wish to see and experience.

Your mind is powerful, more so than you believe. Hold tight to love and the vision of a solid positive future and let those who revel in chaos pass you by. The more you try to change this fear oriented way of thinking in others the more you bleed away your own inner resources and insure that you will land in the in future scenario you wish to escape.

Believe in the power of positive thought and hold fast to your own towrope, do not let the winds of circumstance knock you off course…Be well.

©Janos Neder 2021