Guidance: Spiritual and Otherwise (reading)

Question: Are we being “guided” currently (either personally or globally) ? If yes, then by whom and to what end?

Those that are being guided know it at some level of their being. Intuitive insights, dreams and a gradual awakening to the broader spectrum of being-ness are the clues to your guidance.
The guidance comes from two sources , one is from the level of your being-ness you call the “Higher Self”. The other source comes from beings/entities that are currently beyond your spectrum of understanding and perception.

This is important! Guard yourself before you open to any invitation to download information into your psyche from ANY source. There are energies and beings that are beyond your level of perception and understanding trying to infiltrate themselves into every aspect of human behaviour. Some of these methods are from within your own realm driven by your fellow Humans..


Question:  Do “Spirit Guides” exist and if so what are they and what is their function?

Spirit Guides exist, but in the way you think. All consciousness ultimately stems from the same source, but part of free will and creativity is an allowing of differentiated bits of this source consciousness to develop their own identity, autonomy and freedom to develop in ways apart from the creative orb of the one true source of all creation.

*Spirit guides are aspects of your total self. This is “Spiritual Guidance” in its highest form .


-There are other entities from within and without yourself that have their own resonance and agenda and life force apart from yours. These can be projections from other life forms or entities that seek to possess the envelope of your consciousness for their own sustenance or purpose.

-There are those forces that seek to ether enhance or control your creativity and life essence.

-There are projections from within your own psyche that seek to gain a greater dominance of your freewill…

As has been stated before to you, the truth has a certain tone and feeling that cannot be faked and so it is with love.

Before you allow energies or entities to guide you check out the energy envelope around them to see if it rings true and is for your highest good…BE DISCERNING: Energetic predators are masters of disguise. This cannot be overstated.

©Janos Neder 2021