Divisions of “Self” (reading)

Question: Please explain the exact differences between the conscious mind, the sub conscious mind and the Higher Self?

Consciousness is multifold. It is a multiple hologram that wraps and surrounds itself on multiple levels vibrationally like layers of an onion each layer has its own fields of information. All layers intersect and inform one another to varying degrees.
What you call the conscious mind operates inside the layers of tissue and fluid of the organic brain. Interwoven with this is the repository you know as the Subconscious Mind. This is partially interwoven with the Conscious Mind in its organic container the brain and partially outside of it energetically interwoven with the larger expression of itself called the Higher Self.

The Conscious Mind contains your personality self and all its various guises such as the ego, the shadow and the various holographic subsets that it employs to express itself. Some of these are over written or even created by beliefs and experiences. These belief subsets can be used to manipulate and dominate the personality self.

The Subconscious is interwoven with the organic brain through various structures and their functions. These operate mostly under your awareness and functional capability to access it. What differentiates the Conscious from the Sub Conscious is brainwave speed and holographic density. The Subconscious is a larger more encompassing hologram. It contains the sense memory of everything that has happened to the body that contains it.
At physical death the Subconscious hologram is what leaves the body as the body hologram (the physical Self) dies and dissolutes. All memory sensual or otherwise is then re integrated with the larger hologram of the Higher Self.

The personality self along with the various subsets that were incorporated with it dissolutes at physical death. The personality self used by a body during each lifetime still exists in a way but only as a sense memory pattern in the hologram of the higher self.

The Higher Self has no “self” or personality to speak of as it is a non specific reflection of your total awareness as a conscious entity. I hope this is clear enough.

©Janos Neder 2021