The Spiritual Ronin

Walking the path of the “Spiritual Ronin” means becoming the sole arbiter of your life, words, and deeds. This is a self directed process that starts when you act on the need to move beyond your assumed limitations and restrictions and return to what you were always intended to be: A fluid, free, and unbound expression of your inherent creative consciousness.

This book is the cumulation of four and a half decades of study and experience in the Martial Arts and the Healing Arts. it contains methods and ideas on how to unplug yourself from the manufactured reality of the mainstream world and foster a return to individuality, imagination, and self determination.

* In feudal Japan a Ronin was wandering Samurai that had no lord or master.

 ©Janos Neder 2020

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Voices from the Silence

All information is energy and all energy is accessible by one means or another.
Everyone has the potential to access the answers to their own dilemmas through the medium of their Higher Self. It is both the repository of all of our collected experience, and the gateway to the other layers of consciousness.  Since we are all wired into the collective energy field known as ‘human beings’, we potentially have the capability to access all information contained in the group consciousness of our species.

The means to open this access door is contained in the pineal gland, the site of the mythical “Third Eye”. The means to access this gateway is open to anyone willing to do the work to develop this subtle skill. It is not an easy task but either is it has hard as you think.

In our own writings, “The Voice” is what we called this multidimensional access door. The ability to talk to this other facet of my consciousness came suddenly and unexpectedly during a deep meditation session. On further exploration, Donna and I found that we were able to get surprising and detailed information on a variety of subjects. She would ask the questions and I would go into a state of deep stillness and receive the answers. Over time our  question and answer sessions resulted in our first book, “Voices From The Silence”.

This little book carries no expectation other than to find its way into the hands of those that need to hear this message now: “Be free, think free, be the unique expression you are, in all forms of positive light. Be a light unto yourself for the answers you seek lie within you ,look for them there.”

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©Janos Neder – Donna Rippey 2016