Yin Concentration

 According to Taoist principles there are two kinds of concentration: 1) Yang-Concentration (by willpower) 2) Yin -Concentration (by absorption) Yin-Concentration by absorption: (aka ” Merge Consciousness”). When we practice this type of concentration we lose our “sense of self”, that is; the sense that we are separate from what we are observing or experiencing. In Yin… Read More Yin Concentration

The Etheric Field

The Etheric Field  The etheric field is a localised information field of dense bio-energy that surrounds the body. For the most part it lies outside of the everyday awareness of most people. We access the etheric field in dreams, meditation, Shamanic work and various other methods of healing and altered consciousness. The Etheric also contains… Read More The Etheric Field

True Friendship

True Friendship is not diminished by time or distance. It is a flame in the heart that is cultivated by the bonds of shared experience and emotion. Money spends, glory fades,  but having interesting friends to share a life well lived creates a deep happiness that endures. ©Janos Neder

Vibration and Rhythm

Everything is based on vibration and rhythm. In our physical world the illusion of solidity is created by unimaginably vast intersecting fields of vibrating energy, stepped down in frequency to a dense slow vibration. Even our consciousness itself is a field of ‘self aware’ vibration existing at various levels at multiple frequencies. An integral part… Read More Vibration and Rhythm

Holographic Touch.

  The Art of Holographic touch is a subtle palpatory skill based on the language of structure and bio-energy, and interpreting that language though the medium of touch. As practitioners we learn to listen to the nuances of bio-energy in its many manifestations. Focused intention, the etheric field, the chakras and even the gross anatomy… Read More Holographic Touch.

Guided Imagery

What is Guided Imagery ? Guided Imagery is a powerful method that can help you take control over your state of Mind. In a nutshell, it is a way of retrieving and utilizing positive associations from the Inner Mind (a.k.a. the sub-conscious ) I deem it an essential skill to help cope with today’s fast… Read More Guided Imagery


Qigong (a.k.a. Chi Kung) means Qi (Life Energy) Gong (intensive training). The concept of Qi is a very mysterious one to most Westerners. It is a fundamental cornerstone in Traditional Chinese Medicine and many energy based Healing Arts. Qi is the animating power or Universal organizing principal that flows through all things.  Qi can be… Read More Qigong