About the Readings



Embrace your Inner Wisdom

Using the same method as in our book “Voices From The Silence” I will be presenting readings on a variety of topics pertinent to the challenges we are now facing in this topsy turvy time.

The intent of these readings is to present some interesting perspectives on the topics of spiritual development and conscious growth. We are all multi-faceted beings that have unlimited potential.

But potential is just a possibility, it does not flower into full bloom without cultivation, consolidation, and effort. We have some powerful tools at our disposal to aid in this process should we choose to use them.

One of these elements is our so-called “Higher Self” . This aspect of our awareness sees the greater picture and is the repository of a vast inherent wisdom. The voice of our Higher Self  speaks to us from a place beyond our normal three-dimensional reality. It is accessible by many roads. 

We find this Voice in ourselves by moving beyond and the restraints of conventional thinking and its limiting ideas of what is and is not possible.  We are all limitless beings, any limitations we place upon our ability to perceive and experience are to a large degree self-imposed. To free the mind is to wake up and directly experience the divine wisdom inside us, for the truth cannot be told, it can only be experienced. 

I hope you enjoy the readings.

© Janos Neder ~ Donna Rippey 2021